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How an eBay Store Can Boost Your Business

Looking to add more to your bottom line? If you sell a physical or digital product it may be time to consider adding an eBay store to your business. eBay offers business owners more exposure, more traffic, convenience and repeat business.

More Exposure

Whether you sell candles, electronics, books or even food items, eBay offers business owners a means to reach an entirely new audience. According to eBay’s data for the second quarter of 2008 they have approximately 84.5 million active members worldwide. In 2007 the total value of items sold on eBay’s was nearly $60 billion – that’s more than $1,900 worth of goods on the site every second.

More Website Traffic

eBay makes it very easy for retailers to set up stores and to drive traffic to their business websites. When you open an eBay store, you receive a unique URL which you’re able to customize and brand for consistency and credibility. Your URL also enables you to drive both eBay and non eBay customers to your website.

eBay also offers store owners an abundance of marketing tools and resources. A basic store owner receives five catalog pages and the ability to send 100 email newsletters a month to customers. eBay also offers a cross-promotion tool which lets you control which items are cross-promoted to your buyers, access to their email marketing tool, and a store-specific search box.

If you build a Featured Store or an Anchor Store then you’re also able to utilize their eBay Keywords advertising program with quarterly “promotional dollars.” They also offer assistance with print marketing materials and store traffic reports so you can determine what strategies are working and what strategies are not.

Finally, an eBay store website also offers an “About Me” page which is a great way to not only connect with potential buyers but also a fantastic way to drive traffic to your business websites.

Money Savings and Convenience

It costs very little to get started on eBay with a basic store costing just $15.95 per month.
eBay offers store owners the ability to track sales with a monthly free sales report. Additionally, there is no additional shopping cart software required and because eBay owns PayPal, accepting payments, paying for postage and printing shipping labels is quick and easy

Another convenience for store owners is the automatic re-listing of unsold items feature which enables you to set listings to last for: 30, 60, 90, and 120 days or “Good ’til Cancelled. Insertion fees start at $0.02 for 30 day listings and top out at $0.08 for 120 day listings. The sky is the limit because the insertion fee covers up to 1000 items with a single listing – a tremendous money savings.

eBay makes it easy for busy entrepreneurs to profit with an online store. With marketing tools, easy reporting, shopping cart and merchant account services through PayPal and a low initial investment, it’s a great way to boost your business.

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